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FOOD & WINE ON THE MURRAY The Murray is an inspiring destination for indulgent gourmet travellers. Rolling vineyards, farmers' markets, riverside picnics and food-and-wine trails are key ingredients in the character of the Murray, one of Australia's great 'food bowls'. Thanks to innovative irrigation systems and a sunny Mediterranean climate, the Murray is one of Australia's richest and most fertile agricultural areas, bursting with fresh produce, citrus orchards, berry farms, Australia's largest stone fruit and dried fruit industries, and crops from wheat to rice. Sheep and cattle stations produce fine meat and cheese, the waterways supply fresh fish such as Murray cod, perch and yabbies, and even the Murray pink salt is world-renowned. What more could you want for your table? Then there's the viticulture. All along the river are delightful wine regions, from large-scale producers to boutique cellar doors producing crisp whites and full-bodied reds. You can even combine a winery visit with a paddleboat cruise – a quintessential Murray experience. Dedicated food and wine trails are also mapped out, so you can follow your nose and your stomach on a gourmet tour visiting farm gates directly. Prime examples are the Farm Gate Trail from Yarrawonga, visiting wineries, berry farms and cheese and chocolate producers; and the Echuca Moama Food & Wine Trail, with an unforgettable list of fine cellar doors and local produce stores. Another special feature of the Murray are the weekend farmers' markets, where the producers gather together and allow you to browse a smorgasbord of fresh Cook your own pizza or damper at Albury's Community Wood-fired Oven. Sample handmade Belgian chocolate in the old flour mill at Corowa Whisky & Chocolate Factory. Explore the Murray Farm Gate Trail from Yarrawonga. Cruise out to historic Gol Gol Hotel on the banks of the Murray near Mildura. HIDDEN GEMS 16

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